ET and Head Tremors

ET and Head Tremors

It is known that head tremors are a natural side effect of essential tremors, but what is the link between the two? How does essential tremor influence head tremors and why? Let’s unfold the truth about this condition and learn about the available methods on how to deal with it properly.


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What Causes Involuntary Shaking of The Head?

Head shaking and tremors can be the result of several things, and the underlying reason can vary from one individual to another. Aside from essential tremors, let’s discuss some of the common causes of head tremor before we dive into the link between essential tremor and head tremor.

Parkinson’s Disease:

As we all know, Parkinson's disease is a degenerative neurological condition that progresses over time and is one of the primary causes of head tremors. Tremors associated with Parkinson's disease are sometimes more visible at rest and may be accompanied by other symptoms such as rigidity and difficulty moving.


Dystonia is a disability that significantly impairs mobility and is defined by uncontrollable muscular contractions that might cause twisting or repeated motions. Head tremors, which affect the muscles of the neck and result in abnormal head postures or motions, can be brought on by dystonia.

Neurological Disorders:

Head and neck tremors can be a symptom of several neurological issues, including multiple sclerosis (MS) and some forms of brain trauma. The effects vary from one person to another, therefore, it’s crucial to check with your doctor before taking any action.

Medical Side Effect:

Involuntary head trembling is a side effect of some drugs, especially those that impact the central nervous system. It's crucial to address any unfamiliar or strange symptoms with your doctor, particularly if they appear right after taking a new drug.

Psychogenic Tremor:

When undergoing and enduring an extreme amount of stress, anxiety, and mental distress, head tremors, uncontrollable head shakes tend to be a very natural and common reaction from your body. If you feel like your tremors might be of psychological origins, try to keep yourself away from all forms of stress and try to do some counseling as it can be a very strong form of stress relief.


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What is The Link Between Essential Tremors and Head Tremors?

Essential tremor is a neurological illness that is prevalent and frequently runs in families. It is characterized by trembling in certain body parts, including the hands, face, torso, limbs, and even the voice. However, it can also impact other regions, such as the head. Since essential tremor is a syndrome that can affect multiple body parts, there is a connection between essential tremors and head tremors. What defines the severity of the impact of this connection is the severity of the disorder itself.

The following are some important details about the connection between head tremors and essential tremors:

The Genetic Factor:

Essential tremor is a genetic condition that is more likely to affect those who have a family record of tremors. The emergence of tremors in many parts of the body, including the head, could be attributed to the genetic variables that contribute to essential tremors.

The Involvement of Various Body Parts:

Essential tremor is known for its multifocal nature, which means that it can impact multiple bodily parts at once. Although hand tremors are the most common, essential tremor patients may also have head and neck tremors, depending on the severity of their condition and the body's response to it.

Variability in Distribution:

Unique variations may exist in the essential tremor's distribution and degree of tremor throughout a patient's body. Certain individuals may primarily suffer from hand tremors, whilst others may also experience involvement in the head, voice, or other body parts. As a result, it is extremely difficult to predict the location of tremors, which increases the odds against patients. The best bet here is to seek proper prevention with the help of your doctor.

Symptoms that can be Aggravated by Triggers:

Head tremors are among the essential tremor symptoms that can be made worse by stress, exhaustion, or engaging in activities that strain the body and its muscles like some types of extreme sports, for example. It might be challenging to foresee variations in symptom presentation because it can be impacted by both personal variables and environmental causes.

Daily Activities Challenges:

Daily activities and duties including cleaning, eating, writing, taking a shower, and so forth might be impacted by head trembling related to essential tremors. A person's quality of life may be impacted by the existence of head tremors and may contribute to functional difficulties.

Common Treatment Options for Head Tremors:

Much like essential tremors, the treatment options are the exact same. There are a variety of common medications like beta-blockers, natural alternatives like passionflower and CBD oil, surgical options like Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), and lifestyle changes and diets that can help you control and overcome the terrible effects of tremors. The course of treatment is determined by the precise diagnosis and the severity of the symptoms. Those who have tremors in the head and neck should see a physician for a comprehensive evaluation and to discuss the best course of action based on the underlying cause.

For those who experience vital tremors, specially-made cookware can be helpful since it can make meal preparation and eating easier. The purpose of these adaptable equipment and utensils is to enhance control and lessen the effects of hand tremors during cooking and eating. In addition to that, there are also a lot of equipment and devices manufactured by specialized companies that can help people with severe essential tremors to carry out their daily tasks with no obstruction whatsoever.

Bottom Line:

It's important to keep in mind that, while essential tremor is often the primary underlying cause of head tremors, other neurological conditions, pharmacological side effects, and psychogenic factors can also induce these tremors. To determine an appropriate course of treatment and accurately diagnose the underlying cause of these tremors, a comprehensive assessment by a medical specialist is required. A movement disorder specialist or neurologist would be the ideal candidate for this role.


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