Inspired by Family

"I was having a coffee with my Grandson Mark, when I wanted to take a sip of my drink, my hand tremor flared up at the wrong time. The hot coffee spilled all over, scalding my hands."
That event inspired Mark , a Structural Engineer by trade, and his Aunt, a Doctor who treats Essential Tremor patients, to create the Steadi-Two device. My life has changed for the better ever since.

Why choose us

15 Years + Experience
The Steadiwear team has 15 years of experience in advanced vibration mechanics and hand tremor mechanics. We have pioneered a new class of stabilization systems to specifically handle Essential tremor effectively and discreetly.
The Steadi-Two is registered with the FDA as a Class I medical device, and has received a medical device establishment license from Health Canada. As such, it is safe to use. Please note that the Steadi-Two stabilizer unit contains a small magnet. If you are undergoing an MRI, or have a cardiac pacemaker or other implanted medical electronic devices, please consult your healthcare provider prior to using the glove.
Steadi-One Improved performance in 80% of tasks in a study of 10 tremor patients each assigned 15 tasks. Steadi-Two was built on the improvements of the Steadi-One.
The Steadi-Two was built and designed with the help of our Early Adopters to make sure that it allows the user to go on about daily activities with comfort and ease. The glove component is detachable from the stabilizer and is machine washable. We can't wait to hear your feedback on the device!

Our Latest Design

The Steadi-Two is a revolutionary glove designed to reduce your hand tremors in Essential tremor. Enjoy your daily activities with steady hands and control!

Meet Our Team

Mark Elias -

Emile Maamary -

Leonardo Araneta -

Juliet Young -

Our Advisory Board

Charles Plant

Senior entrepreneur
-The Narwhal project

Patrick McCartney

Sasha Sawaya

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Learn more about the Steadi-Two- a revolutionary glove designed to reduce hand tremors.
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