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The Best Light Weighted Utensils for Essential Tremor

Weighted gloves for tremors stabilizing your wrist.

Stabilizes your wrist

Steadi-Two, a leading device among assistive devices for hand tremors, stabilizes your wrist and reduces tremor amplitude, offering instant relief from hand shaking. This makes it an ideal solution for those seeking effective tremor management.

Assistive devices for hand tremors providing instant relief.

Instant Relief

Increase your independence with steady hands. Steadi-Two - the weighted gloves for hand tremors, improves your life quality, allowing easier use of everyday items, like eating utensils for tremors.

Anti-tremor glove offering non-invasive support.


This non-invasive weighted gloves for hand tremors offers a safe and effective solution, with no side effects or incisions to worry about. It's an ideal alternative for those who seek a non-surgical approach to manage hand tremors.

Battery-free gloves for essential tremors.


Steadi-Two is battery-free and powered by your own hand movements. Wear it anytime for steady hands and relief from hand shaking

The Steadi-Two anti tremor glove essential tremor devices for hand tremors benefits 2/3 tremor patients according to real world evidence with 1700+ users

Battery-Free weighted gloves for hand tremors

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Join the Steadiwear family and be a part of a transformative journey. Distribute the Steadi-Two, a revolutionary weighted gloves for hand tremors with its non-invasive, battery-free design, providing instant relief from shaky hands. With regulatory registered from the FDA and a license from Health Canada, the Steadi-Two is a testament to our commitment to quality and efficacy. As the demand for effective tremor management solutions grows, seize the opportunity to offer a clinically proven and widely acclaimed product.

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An advanced Steadi Two Glove for reducing hand tremors.

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The Best Light Weighted Glove for Hand Tremors

The Steadi-Two glove assistive devices for hand tremors benefits 2/3 tremor patients according to real world evidence with 1000+ users

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Applicants should have expertise in medical device sales, a diverse product catalog, and deep insights into the healthcare industry. These qualifications ensure effective representation and sales of the Steadi-Two glove.

The application process typically takes 2-3 weeks, depending on the completeness of the provided documentation and the scheduling of the orientation session.

There are no upfront fees to apply as a distributor. However, once approved, there might be costs related to training and initial product stock.

Yes, approved distributors are provided with training, marketing materials, and continuous support to ensure successful sales and representation of the Steadi-Two glove.

Distribution rights vary based on regions. Please specify your target market during the application process, and our team will provide details on international distribution opportunities.

Terms & Conditions

Distributors must follow Steadiwear's terms and conditions, covering product handling and sales practices. Ensure you review these guidelines before initiating the distributorship process. All legal documents will be provided upon application.