Woman holding essential tremor medication pills with a glass of water.

What are The Current Essential Tremor Treatments?

 Essential tremor is a well-known and common neurological condition characterized by involuntary, rhythmic shaking. ET most commonly affects the hands, but it can also affect the head, voice, and o...
Animation of hands shaking with signs of essential tremors.

How Safe is Gabapentin Tremors Medicine?

Gabapentin is among the most commonly prescribed medications for essential tremors. Although it does not bind to GABA receptors, gabapentin functions by imitating the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobu...
Close-up of doctor's hands holding elderly patient's hand.

Focused Ultrasound for Essential Tremor, Does it Work?

While there is no cure for them, doctors and researchers have been constantly looking for tremor treatments that can get rid of the symptoms once and for all. With each year, it seems like we can b...
What is Anxiety Shaking?

What is Anxiety Shaking?

If you’re familiar with tremors, then you definitely know that they have countless root causes and reasons. One type of tremor that stands out for most people is anxiety tremors. As the name sugges...
Closeup of two elderly hands holding each other, fingers intertwined, showing signs of feeling shaky and weak.

Why do Old People Experience Uncontrollable Shivering?

As we’ve already covered, uncontrollable shivering and body shaking is a condition that could occur to any of us at any age. But when it happens to the elderly, what could that be a sign of? And wh...
Old man experiencing difficulty eating due to body tremors.

Discovering Body Tremors

Body tremors or body shaking are involuntary muscle contractions that affect a single or multiple parts of the body, due to several different causes that could be related to an already existing hea...
A weighted glove designed for individuals with tremors focused on enhancing steady hand movements

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