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Your questions answered. Whether you're inquiring about weighted gloves for hand tremors or seeking more information on weighted utensils for essential tremor, our FAQ section provides comprehensive support and guidance.

If you treat patients with movement disorders, Steadi-Two may be able to help. Steadi-Two products are designed to help people with hand tremor and limited hand and arm mobility eat more easily. Conditions that may contribute to hand tremor and essential tremor. Conditions that may contribute to limited hand and arm mobility include cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, Huntington's disease, and post-stroke deficits.

STEADI-TWO GLOVESteadi-Two works most effectively for people with mild to moderate hand tremor. The tremor causes people regularly to spill food while eating, or leads people to bring their heads at least halfway towards their utensil to meet food. To see if Steadi-Two is right for your patient, you can click the link for a quick10 Second Online Assessmentfor your patients to take. You can also watch videos of patients using the Steadi-Two Gloveright here.Note that Steadi-Two provides limited benefit to:

  • People with intermittent tremor.
  • People with severe tremor, large-amplitude tremor (above 12Hz) or dystonia.
  • People whose hand tremor does not interfere with eating, or who spill only rarely when using utensils to bring food to their mouth (typically tremors below 4 Hz).

The amount of benefit will also vary depending on factors that affect the intensity of a person’s tremor at any given moment (such as medications, sleep, stress, and exercise).

Customer Experiences

Real-Life Impact: Customer Experiences with Steadi-Two the Weighted Glove for Tremors

I have just spent a month with the new Steadi-Two glove and I am delighted. It is light, very effective, easy to put on and take off and I could wear it for hours with no problem.


Understanding Essential Tremors

Gain insights into essential tremors and how weighted gloves and utensils can provide relief. Our resources are designed to educate and inform, offering a deeper understanding of tremor management solutions.

Steadiwear Inc, a Canadian company, has developed the Steadi-Two glove, a second-generation, battery-free stabilizing glove designed for people with Essential Tremor and Parkinson's disease. This 'smart' glove is notably smaller, lighter, and can adapt to a broader range of hand tremors. It intelligently stabilizes the wrist joint and forearm, enhancing daily activities like eating, drinking, and shaving. The glove uses magnetic tuned mass damping technology for stabilization and is registered with Health Canada and the FDA as a Class 1 medical device. The Steadi-Two is now available for pre-order in Canada and the United States.

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Steadi-Two Weighted Glove for Tremors

Weight 420 grams or 0.9 lbs

Discover Steadiwear's pioneering approach to managing essential tremors. Our flagship product, the Steadi-Two glove, is a revolutionary weighted glove for tremors, representing a significant breakthrough in tremor stabilization. As an FDA-registered Class I medical device, it offers a non-invasive, battery-free solution, marking Steadiwear as a leader in assistive medical technology.