Older woman having her Parkinson's tremor assessed.

What are The Common Early Parkinson's Symptoms?

Parkinson's disease is one of the more progressive and complicated neurological diseases that people usually get above the age of 60, and in some other rare instances, under the age of 50. The earl...
Doctor examining a patient's shaking hand.

What are The Best Vitamins for Nerves and Muscles

Types of tremors vary, and so do their causes. From Parkinson’s tremors to essential tremors, there are many factors that you should consider when putting together your treatment plan depending on ...
Man bothered by waking up feeling jittery.

The Reason Why You Wake Up Feeling Shaky

Waking up with a jittery feeling or feeling shaky may seem quite concerning to people who haven’t had any experience with tremors before, and rightfully so, but in fact, it’s not necessarily a red ...
Man frustrated by hand tremors.

The Causes and Treatments of Your Hand Tremors

While hand tremors are the most common, tremors can occur in more than just one area of your body. Tremors are characterized by involuntary muscle contractions that could impact one or multiple bod...
What is Anxiety Shaking?

What is Anxiety Shaking?

If you’re familiar with tremors, then you definitely know that they have countless root causes and reasons. One type of tremor that stands out for most people is anxiety tremors. As the name sugges...
Closeup of two elderly hands holding each other, fingers intertwined, showing signs of feeling shaky and weak.

Why do Old People Experience Uncontrollable Shivering?

As we’ve already covered, uncontrollable shivering and body shaking is a condition that could occur to any of us at any age. But when it happens to the elderly, what could that be a sign of? And wh...

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