Stabilizing Tremors, One Hand at a Time  - Interview with Emile Maamary

Stabilizing Tremors, One Hand at a Time - Interview with Emile Maamary

Looking to get a glimpse into the world of entrepreneurship and what it takes to start your own venture? We recommend diving into this insightful interview with Emile Maamary, the Co-Founder & CMO/COO of Steadiwear Inc, a Toronto-based company transforming lives through innovative medical technology.

Steadiwear's flagship product, the Steadi-Two, is a revolutionary glove that stabilizes the wrist joint for individuals suffering from Essential Tremor. By drawing inspiration from earthquake dampers used in buildings, this battery-free solution adapts to different tremor severities, granting seniors with tremors renewed independence and a better quality of life.

Beyond the groundbreaking product, the personal journey of Emile and his co-founder Mark is equally inspiring. Fueled by a shared connection to essential tremors, their combined passion and expertise have led to remarkable achievements in the medical technology landscape. Despite the inherent challenges of work-life balance, they continue to push boundaries, driving their company forward and developing more activity-specific devices to assist those affected by tremors.

Ready to delve deeper into their story and maybe draw some inspiration for your own entrepreneurial journey? You can read the full interview here.

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