How The Steadi-Two Can Help Those With Essential Tremor

How The Steadi-Two Can Help Those With Essential Tremor

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Although the symptoms that come with essential tremors are not life-threatening, they can be discomforting and affect the lives of sufferers. Despite research in this field for the past years, there has been no established cure. However, there are several treatment methods to minimize the symptoms associated with this neurological disease. One of these treatment methods is assistive devices, one of which is the Steadi-Two hand glove device. This article reviews the essential tremor, common treatment for essential tremor and how Steadi-Two can be a viable treatment option.


What is Essential Tremor?

Essential tremor is a disorder that affects the kinetic motion of the upper body. Branded as pathological hyperkinesia, patients suffering from this illness are known to physically shake their body parts when in motion and ease at rest.

Essential tremor has not been identified to have a key cause. But it has been acknowledged that the disease occurs more frequently among people aged 40 and beyond. Secondly, genetics are suggested role players in the inheritance of the illness. Based on a probability of about 50%, people with family members who have demonstrated the illness are also likely to inherit it. Additionally, essential tremor may be caused by the overconsumption of highly caffeinated drinks that can affect the functioning of the thalamus.


Treatments For Essential Tremor

The treatments for essential tremor are used to reduce the symptoms and impact daily life. They are to minimize the frequency of hand-shaking occurrences and their consequences on the day-to-day activities of a patient's life. Treatments for essential tremor can include any of the following:

  • Drugs: Based on the recommendation from doctors, medication may be prescribed for patients shaking from essential tremor. The primary drugs used to treat essential tremor are primidone and propranolol.

  • Botox injections.

  • The surgical procedure of deep brain stimulation, where electrodes are planted in the brain and connected to a device placed under the skin of the upper chest. 

  • Focused Ultrasound Thalamotomy, which uses heat from light beams to burn off part of the thalamus 

  • Occupational therapy, which involves carrying out physical tasks to improve muscle coordination and speech. 

  • Use of assistive devices like the Steadi-Two hand gloves to control hand tremors. The glove-like device helps to stabilize the hand during the occurrence of hand tremors.


How Steadi-Two Hand Tremor Device Can Help

Hand tremors are a common reason for job losses and early retirements in the US and Canada, affecting about 10 million people, mostly of middle-class age. People with hand tremors face challenges eating, dressing, drinking, writing, using a cell phone or a computer as well as other performing other activities in their personal and professional lives.

In the US alone, medication treatments for hand tremors have amounted to over a billion dollars and don't always last for long periods in treating the tremors. Some of these drugs are also known to lead to side effects like drowsiness. 

Steadi-Twois a hand glove device and a successor to the Steady One to treat hand tremors in Parkinson's and essential tremor diseases. The Steadi-Two is an improvement based on feedback from users of the first device. It is smaller and weighs less. It is designed based on seismic technology applied to buildings. This same technology is what is used to stabilize buildings during mass earthquakes. The smart glove vibrates opposite to the motion of the tremor, just as one would find in a seesaw. 

The hand glove is a washable battery-free device. It uses two magnetic disks that provide an opposing force equal to the tremor. This stabilizes the hand and allows patients to go about their daily activities. The Steadi-Two hand gloves' magnetic stabilizers have been proven the best option by the development team at Steadiwear Inc. In contrast to other options like non-newtonian fluid, powered actuators, weights etc, magnetic stabilizers are more efficient and dependable. 

The best part is that it can also be used for both hands and provides tremor relief without any side effects usually experienced with medication and injections. In benchtop testing, an 80% reduction in the amplitude of tremors was demonstrated. For more testimonials from people who have used the Steadi-Two, click. 


How to Use the Steadi-Use

The Steadi-Two device is easy to use, and a single order of the device comes with a stabiliser, glove and pouch. Immediately your order arrives, simply slip the glove onto your hand, adjust it until it fits perfectly and then place the stabiliser on top. 

You’re good to go! It’s that simple to use. You can expect immediate results - which is a reduction in hand tremors.


Benefits Of Using Steadi-Two

  • The Steadi-Two hand device is lightweight and weighs less than a pound. Its size was reduced by thirty percent in comparison to its predecessor.

  • The device can be used ambidextrously. It can be used to stabilize both hands.

  • Unlike medications and injections, there are no side effects for the Steadi-Two hand device.

  • The device uses no batteries and doesn't need to be recharged. You can begin to use it as soon as you put it on.


Can Insurance Cover Wearable Devices like Steadi-Two?

Though assistive devices like Steadi-Two can greatly help people suffering from Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s Disease, unfortunately, they are not covered by insurance. You’d have to pay out of pocket as they cost a couple of hundred dollars. 

The good thing is that Steadi-Two offers flexible monthly payment options and a refund policy if you’re unsatisfied with the service delivery.


Is the Steadi-Two Hand Glove Worth Buying?

People who experience side effects with tremor suppression medications and supplements will benefit from buying a wearable device like the Steadi-Two. It’s also a worthy buy for people with tremors that are not well-controlled by medication. 

Since hand tremors is not particular with essential tremors, people suffering from Parkinson's Disease can also benefit from the Steadi-Two. If you are interested in trying a tremor suppression device, i.e., the Steadi-Two glove, talk with your doctor so they can advice you appropriately. However, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t advise purchasing this device. 


Frequently Asked Questions About The Steadi-Two

The Steadi-Two is a hand glove device that uses seismic technology to stabilize hand tremors. Here are some questions about the device to clear any doubts.

Does the Steadi-two use batteries?

No! The Steadi-Two does not require batteries and doesn't need to be charged. It is a wearable hand glove with magnetic stabilizers used on the hand.

Are there any side effects from using the Steadi-two?

The Steadi-Two device causes no side effects. Its tremor relief comes without stress, incisions or side effects like medications and injections.



Essential tremor is a neurological disease of the body that affects motor skills and can worsen over time. Finding a strong solution to the problem without side effects from medicines or returning tremors after surgery can be problematic. It is for this purpose assistive devices like the Steadi-Two exist. It is free from side effects, doesn't rely on batteries and can be used on both hands. The device has been tested and trusted to reduce hand tremors and improve the quality of daily life. 

The Steadi-Two is available for order in Canada and to the US. You can start your journey by getting yours here.


No! The Steadi-Two does not require batteries and doesn't need to be charged. It is a wearable hand glove with magnetic stabilizers used on the hand.

The Steadi-Two device causes no side effects. Its tremor relief comes without stress, incisions or side effects like medications and injections.

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