Essential Tremor and Food

Essential Tremor and Food

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Essential Tremor, Dietary Choices, and Unconscious Head Shaking: A Comprehensive Guide

The saying "you are what you eat" holds profound truth, particularly when it comes to managing conditions like essential tremor. The food we consume, whether daily or occasionally, significantly impacts our overall health, both physically and mentally. This article delves into the intricate relationship between essential tremor and dietary habits, providing a detailed analysis of how certain foods can exacerbate or alleviate this condition.


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The Influence of Food on Essential Tremor and Unconscious Head Shaking

The type of food we consume and the way it's prepared can significantly influence the severity of essential tremor. For instance, meat cooked at high temperatures produces a substance known as harmane, which has been linked to worsening essential tremor symptoms. This could even lead to instances where my head shakes without me knowing, a common symptom of essential tremor.

Moreover, various food types can negatively affect brain health, thereby intensifying essential tremor. Here, we present a list of food types that, if consumed in moderation or entirely eliminated, can surprisingly reduce tremor symptoms.


Five Foods That Can Exacerbate Essential Tremor

Caffeine and Essential Tremor

Many individuals cannot envision starting their day without a cup of coffee. However, caffeine can stimulate the nervous system, leading to tremors and potentially worsening existing ones. The relationship between essential tremor and caffeine is a critical one to understand, as it can significantly impact the severity of the condition.


Essential tremor is closely associated with cerebellar function. Some studies suggest a link between cerebellar damage and gluten. While gluten does not directly exacerbate essential tremor, it's crucial to protect the cerebellum.


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While alcohol may provide temporary relief from discomfort or pain, it's a short-term solution. Long-term alcohol consumption can increase tremor severity.


Dairy consumption can trigger auto-immune problems related to the cerebellum. As we aim to protect our cerebellum, transitioning to dairy-free products can improve tremor symptoms.

Refined Carbs and Sugar

Refined carbs and sugar, notorious for their role in obesity, can also harm the cerebellum. Although no studies directly link these food types to essential tremor, research indicates that essential tremor originates in the cerebellum.


Adopting Healthier Dietary Habits

We recommend gradually eliminating harmful foods from your diet to improve your health and comfort. For instance, if you consume large amounts of sugar daily, consider skipping one sugar-containing meal occasionally. Over time, you'll adapt to a reduced sugar intake.

Such minor changes can lessen the impact of tremors, enabling you to lead a normal life and pursue your dreams. While some individuals with tremors may feel that surgery is their only hope, natural treatments and dedication should always be our first option for a healthy body.


Understanding Essential Tremor and Its Impact

It's crucial to comprehend essential tremor and its effects on you, your caregivers, and your family. We should strive to mitigate its physical and mental impacts. Mental health is as important as physical health in overcoming any disease. One effective way to improve mental health for essential tremor patients is through support groups, where individuals can share their experiences and encourage each other.


Technological Advancements in Managing Essential Tremor

With evolving technology, you can now control your tremors and efficiently perform daily activities. For instance, the Steadi-Two glove helps control hand tremors with its high-tech design and features. The glove operates with a counter-weight that moves in the opposite direction of the tremors, making life easier and enabling you to complete daily tasks effectively.


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