Essential Tremor and Food

We often hear the sentence “you are what you eat” but we end up forgetting how true it is. Everything we consume daily or once a week affects our bodies in the long run. There are certain habits that, if done correctly, can have a very positive effect on our health and lifestyle. Fresh food and a healthy diet do not only affect our physical health, as they also affect our mental health.

There are many types of consumed food affecting our health, either the kind of food or how it's cooked. For example, the heat degree you use to cook your meat might relate to with essential tremors worsening. Meat cooked at high temperatures can create a substance called harmane which makes essential tremors worse.

Many other types of food can harm the brain and make the essential tremor worse. You can find a list below of food types related to the brain's health and should be consumed in precise quantities, if not eliminated at all. Avoiding the types of foods we shall mention, will surprisingly reduce tremor.

Here are five things you eat that can make your tremor worse:

  • Caffeine
    Many people believe that they cannot start their day without a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, what they do not know is that caffeine causes tremors and makes it worse because it simulates the nervous system.

  • Gluten
    It is well known that essential tremor is directly related to problems with cerebellar function. Some studies show that there is a relation between damage to the cerebellum and gluten. Gluten does not directly worsen essential tremors but we still need to protect the cerebellum.

  • Alcohol
    People tend to drink alcohol whenever they are in pain or discomfort. This is a very common relief for most patients. However, this is only a short-term solution as the consumption of alcohol increases tremor in the long run.

  • Dairy
    The consumption of dairy can cause auto-immune problems related to the cerebellum. As mentioned before, we do not want to harm our cerebellum, so cutting off dairy from our diet and focusing on dairy-free products can improve your tremor.

  • Refined Carbs and Sugar
    Whenever anyone wants to start with a healthy lifestyle, we hear them say: “I am cutting off sugar and carbs starting next Monday”. Sugar and carbs are well-known to be bad for your health as they can cause obesity. Obvious improvements shall start to show in our body and brain whenever we cut sugars. Many studies show the direct harm sugars and carbs can cause to the cerebellum. Although there are no studies to prove the relationship between those types of foods, research has shown that essential tremors originated in the cerebellum.


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It is highly recommended to try eliminating as much as you can from those foods to make your life healthier and more comfortable. It is all related to habits, as it might be hard to stop consuming certain foods you are used to having for years. As a result, the gradual elimination of certain types of harmful foods would be the best scenario in such a case. Let us take sugar consumption as an example. Some people are addicted to eating large amounts of sugars every day, so the solution for them would be to avoid one meal that contains sugar every once in a while. After a while, they will find themselves used to not having sugar in their daily intake.

Such small changes can reduce the impact of tremors that causes uncontrolled shaking and prevents us from living a normal life and pursuing our dreams. Many people suffering from tremors, lose hope and believe that surgery is their only way of hope. Natural treatments and dedication should always be our first option for a healthy body.

It is vital to understand essential tremors and how it impacts you, your caregivers, family and children and try our best to reduce their physical and mental effects. Mental health is as important as physical health to overcome any disease. A very effective way to improve mental health for essential tremor patients would be through meeting other people suffering from the same disorder through support groups. It helps patients by knowing that they are not alone in their journey and by encouraging each other to fight this battle of life in a more positive perspective full of patience and hope.

With the evolving technology, you can now control the direction of your tremors and start doing your normal daily activities very efficiently. This idea can be possible through using the Steadi-Two which helps control your hand tremors through its high-tech design and features. The glove works with a counter-weight that moves in the opposite direction of the tremors. It is specially designed to make life easier and help you to do your daily tasks properly.


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