Essential Tremor and Food

Lift your spirit and keep it energized for a better tomorrow. If you take care of yourself and your body as well, you’ll find great results in return. Health is your partner and should be your soulmate. You should always keep your body healthy and organize a healthy lifestyle to prevent illnesses and diseases like the flu and others. In this article, we’re going to show you the importance of healthy food in your diet that will lower your chances of getting essential tremors. It may even decrease the symptoms as well.

Some diseases are very hard to come by and some are impossible to treat. That’s why you should increase the strength of your immune system by eating healthy meals and consuming a lot of vegetables. It’s not all about carrots and apples that make your body healthy and secure, it’s the when and how that matters in your nutrition schedule.

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What is Essential Tremor?

According to the National Organization for Rare Disorders:

Essential Tremor is a nervous system disorder that causes the person’s hands or any part of their body to shake uncontrollably. It can affect other parts of a person’s body like the legs or head, but it usually affects hands the most. If a patient suffers from essential tremors in other parts of their body other than their hands, then they should see a specialist. This stage means they are at a severe level in their disorder. Essential tremor (ET) is usually triggered when doing a simple task like lifting small items or trying to write on a piece of paper. The uncontrollable tremor causes the person to drop the item they are holding or scribble on the paper instead of writing a clear letter.

ET is sometimes confused with Parkinson’s Disease, for they both have similar symptoms but Parkinson’s is more severe. ET isn’t considered a deadly disease or death-defying illness. Although Scientists haven’t yet found a cure for it and the cause for the disease being diagnosed is still unclear. In some cases, ET can be found at severe stages but this kind of stage is rare.

Some statistics and research say that essential tremor is usually found in people who are 40 of age or older. It’s not necessarily based on the elderly because it’s possible to find younger people diagnosed with ET. However, the majority of patients are older than 40 as statistics say.

Essential Tremor Diet

To make things clear, ET isn’t a life-threatening illness. There are a lot of ways that you can treat your ET but not completely heal it. Some treatments depend on medical drugs prescribed by professional doctors and others on the types of food you eat. Your diet is very important in reducing some of the symptoms and making your life with essential tremors easier. However, it’s not quite proven that a specific type of food will prevail over your symptoms because the effects vary from one person to the other.

The most important factor of maintaining a healthy diet is that you don’t become overweight or underweight. Both circumstances put you and your body at risk and can increase the possibility of catching other illnesses as well. It’s also very important that you adopt any kind of exercising habit because it can help control your weight-gaining problems. You need to know that ET can also increase the risk of weight gain because it makes you less mobile. On the other hand, some people with ET lose a lot of weight and find it difficult to consume calories to maintain that healthy figure.

Eliminating Toxins Diet

As there are numerous diets and other nutrition programs that can help your health, the most iconic of them all is eliminating the toxins in our body. The process is simple but patients are key to prevail and find great results. The entire diet is based on releasing and eliminating toxins in your body. Maintaining this type of diet for about two to three weeks will eliminate all the toxins in your body that might be the reason behind the severeness of your symptoms.

What you need to do in this toxin elimination process is to get rid of all kinds of foods and beverages that contain tremor-triggering supplements. This means you need to stay away from caffeine as much as possible for it’s considered a trigger for your tremors. Doing so will also decrease inflammation throughout the body. Caffeine is primarily found in drinks like coffee, soft drinks, tea, fizzy drinks like cola, and alcoholic energy drinks. You can also find caffeine in other drinks like energy ones and root beer. Drinks are not the only nutrition that includes caffeine in them. You can also find it in some chocolate bars, ice cream that’s chocolate or coffee-flavored, oatmeal, meat jerky, and energy bars.

Some experts have another point of view concerning chocolate. Studies show that a little bit of chocolate can be very beneficial for a person’s mental health. It can lift a person’s mood as it increases endorphins in the body that trigger that positive feeling in people. Still, you can’t organize a diet for your body on your own. You need to consult a nutritionist to help determine the best food for you and the number of calories you need to consume.

Can Alcohol Reduce the Tremor Effect?

Alcohol is a good way to reduce those tremors and contain them for a small amount of time. It can give you about one to two hours of suppressed tremor effects after consuming a drink or two. Some professional doctors advise some Essential Tremor patients to drink a glass of wine or champagne at special events or gatherings. It can help them contain their tremors for a few hours and have them enjoying the party at the same time.

Even though alcohol provides great results for ET, it’s still not very advised to rely on it. Patients need to be cautious when drinking as they should be responsible when doing so because a lot of it might lead to severe after-effects of tremors. Suppressing your tremor with alcohol all the time will lead to higher stages and frequencies in your tremors in the future. So, you should always be careful of how much you drink and make sure you don’t drink when driving as well. Stay within the normally recommended range of alcohol consumption.

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is based on eating fresh and lots of whole food from olive oil, some wine, fish, and nuts. It’s been proven by studies that the Mediterranean diet has great effects on patients with Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. Some studies also say that it can help people with essential tremors as well. With an effective diet like this, patients can both eat healthily and enjoy a tasty nutritious meal too.

The Mediterranean includes lots of fresh meats and sweets that are considered the best foods to eat and to include in your diet. Having a meal that includes a nice grilled steak or small chunks of it is great for your body. Adding eggs and yogurt to your diet is also the next big thing in the Mediterranean diet. What follows after is a good combination of fruits, vegetables, grains, olive oil, beans, nuts, legumes, seeds, herbs, and spices. This healthy kind of lifestyle is probably as good as a diet can get for essential tremors. It includes more whole food products and fresh fruits and vegetables that increase a person’s immune system and maintain their figure as well.

The Steadi-One

You can rely on maintaining a healthy and organized diet to treat some of your symptoms or you can rely on medication and other medical resources to do so. Other remedies like technology have been found to be very effective in treatments. Especially our very own Steadi-One right here from Steadiwear. It’s a glove that uses a smart fluid that stiffens & works together with a counterweight that moves in the opposite direction of your tremor. With it, you can easily control your tremors and be able to do simple tasks efficiently and effectively.

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