Inspired by Family

"I was having a coffee with my Grandson Mark, when I wanted to take a sip of my drink, my hand tremor flared up at the wrong time. The hot coffee spilled all over, scalding my hands."

That event inspired Mark , a Structural Engineer by trade, and his Aunt, a Doctor who treats Essential Tremor patients, to create the Steadi-Two device. My life has changed for the better ever since.

Our Team 

Mark Elias 

CEO & Co-Founder

Mark Elias has a dual background in Structural Dynamics and Entrepreneurship. The founder is well versed in vibration damping and project management. Mark is leading research and development, manufacturing, clinical trials & launching the final product.

Emile Maamary 

CMO & Co-Founder

Emile is a recent graduate with a Business degree from York University. Emile has experience with Deloitte – Enterprise Risk Services (ERS) department. He’s well versed in managing financial, strategic & operational risk to maximize enterprise value.
Emile is leading market development, financial management & key stakeholder relationships management.

Leonardo Araneta 

Lead Product Designer & MaSc- Architecture

Juliet Young

Business Development Manager

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