Behind The Scenes At Steadiwear

Behind The Scenes At Steadiwear

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Over the past several months the Steadiwear team has been working tirelessly to perfect the Steadi-Two — A tremor stabilizing glove for people with Parkinson’s disease and Essential tremor. The Steadi-Two is the world’s first battery-free, lightweight, machine washable assistive device to reduce hand tremors. In lab tests, the Steadi-Two provided users with up to 80% tremor relief. The Steadi-Two targets both mild-moderate and severe tremors, and it is available in both sizes small and large. The Steadi-Two is currently available for pre-order, and all pre-ordered devices will ship in August 2022. We are now just a couple of months away from shipment, and we wanted to update you on what has been going on behind the scenes at Steadiwear.


We are so excited to provide you with one of the last production updates before we ship our all pre-orders! Here are the next steps in the process:

All plastic parts for the first batch have been molded and are currently being treated and processed for assembly (Images below). This will be complete by July 15th. Next, we will receive the Steadi-Two units and complete a final quality check. Considering transit, custom, and clearance times, we will likely receive the batch of units on July 25rd. After the final quality check on August 1st, the units will be shipped to our fulfillment partners in the United States, which will automatically process your unit and ship it to your door.


Behind The Scenes At Steadiwear

Behind The Scenes At Steadiwear


If you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, please hold off on ordering until October. Our initial testing has shown that the Steadi-Two requires a minor part adjustment to be compatible with Parkinsonian tremors. 

If you have a cardiac pacemaker, we recommend consulting your healthcare provider before using the Steadi-Two. As we do not have the necessary magnetic data to present to your healthcare provider, we recommend holding off on your order until such data is available for your physician’s review. 

Toronto Lab Visits

When COVID-19 restrictions began to ease up, we were able to invite individuals into our lab to test out the Steadi-Two. 80% of people who tested the Steadi-Two in our Toronto lab received tremor relief from the device, which is what we had expected given our previous findings. When an individual comes into our lab, we begin by running a series of evaluations to determine whether or not the Steadi-Two will be a good fit. We also use an iPhone application to measure the individual’s tremor frequency. We do this because the Steadi-Two is most useful to people with a specific range of tremor frequencies, and the tremor frequency tells us what mode (mild-moderate or severe) will be most helpful for the individual.


Behind The Scenes At SteadiwearBehind The Scenes At Steadiwear


We then have the individual perform some daily living activities with and without using the Steadi-Two. Some of these activities include writing, drinking water out of a cup, pouring liquid from one cup to another, etc. We have also had individuals come in with specific hobbies — like woodworking or painting — and we always try to recreate scenarios where they can mimic their hobby in order to understand how the Steadi-Two can help them to get back to doing the activities they love! Below we have included some images from our lab tests. If you live in the Toronto area and are interested in coming into our lab to test out the Steadi-Two, please send us an email at

Testimonial Filming


Behind The Scenes At Steadiwear


After a very positive experience testing out the Steadi-Two in our Toronto lab, we invited Jane Gmeimdl and Josephine Korimsek back to film a testimonial and review the Steadi-Two. As you may have witnessed by watching John Kirckonnell or Betty Faulkner’s testimonial, the Steadi-Two can provide users with tremor relief to a point where their tremor is virtually invisible. However, there are also instances in which the Steadi-Two provides tremendous tremor relief, but does not completely stop a tremor. This is the case with Jane and Josephine. While they both benefit from the Steadi-Two, their tremor is still apparent — just minimized. Although this was the case, the Steadi-Two made a huge difference in their ability to complete daily living activities, like eating, drinking, pouring liquid into a glass, and writing. We wanted to film a testimonial with both of them so that other individuals looking to purchase the Steadi-Two can have realistic expectations. We want to be completely transparent with our customers — the Steadi-Two provides tremor relief, but in some instances, it may not completely stop your tremor. Below are some images from our testimonial filming session! Keep an eye out for Jan and Josephine’s testimonial videos coming soon. If you have any questions about the Steadi-Two, please feel free to reach out to us by email at or by phone at 888-505-0992.


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