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The Steadi-Two is a revolutionary anti-tremor glove

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The Best Treatment for Essential Tremor

Say goodbye to shaky hands with Steadi-Two, the ground-breaking glove designed to significantly reduce your hand tremor.

Anti tremor glove feature

Stabilizes your wrist

Steadi-Two stabilizes your wrist and reduces your tremor amplitude, providing instant relief from hand shaking.
Anti tremor glove feature

Instant Relief

Increase your independence with steady hands. Steadi-Two - the essential tremor device that will improve your life quality.
Anti tremor glove feature


This non-invasive glove essential tremor offers a safe and effective solution, with no side effects or incisions to worry about.
Anti tremor glove feature


Steadi-Two is battery-free and powered by your own hand movements. Wear it anytime for steady hands and relief from hand shaking

Steadi-Two Features

1. Calibrator

Adjust your Steadi-Two glove to your unique tremor with our two modes and rotating top calibrator. Get the best essential tremor glove that reduces hand shaking and delivers steady hands.

2. Easy to wear

Experience instant relief from shaky hands with the Steadi-Two glove, wearable on either hand with just two simple steps. Get your essential tremor device with ease and improve your quality of life.

3. Battery-Free

Impress your independence from bulky batteries and charging cables. Steadi-Two is a battery-free essential tremor device that requires no electricity. Wear it anytime, anywhere, for as long as you need.

4. Vibration absorber

Enjoy instant relief from hand shaking with the Steadi-Two glove's novel absorber, inspired by proven earthquake technology. The absorber is powered by magnets & moves in the opposite direction of your tremor, helping stabilize your hands.
Steadi Two device with instructions to stop hand tremors being held.

Product Specs and Technical Details

Our revolutionary Steadi Two glove provides unmatched stability and support with a lightweight device that adapts to your essential tremor.
Our proprietary magnetic vibration damping technology supplies added comfort while allowing separate components to be washed whenever needed - all without needing any batteries or charging.
The countless helpful features of this essential tremor device have made it very popular among those with chronic trembling issues: give yourself some relief and try out the fantastic benefits of using the FDA registered Steadi-Two risk-free!

Product Return and Shipping Information

Steadiwear's gloves provide the perfect solution for those living with essential tremors.
Our hassle-free return policy offers a full refund within 30 days, and we offer free shipping so you can quickly benefit from our high-quality hand tremor devices. International customers: please get in touch to learn more about delivery options outside of the US & Canada via our email -

Product Warranty or Guarantee

Steadiwear's essential tremor device, the Steadi Two glove, provides relief and steady hands for those with essential tremors. With a one-year warranty plus our 30-day hassle-free return policy, you can try our product risk-free.
If you're looking to take control of your hand tremor symptoms - try reliable Steadi Two glove from Steadiwear!

The Steadi-Two Glove

The Steadi-Two glove benefits 2/3 tremor patients according to real world evidence with 1000+ users.

Steadi-two vs Competitors: A Comparison Table of Tremor Devices

Discover the features and benefits of Steadi-two compared to other leading tremor devices in our comprehensive comparison table. Our easy-to-read chart highlights the key differences between each product, including battery life and performance.


Five microns

Gyro gears


Magnetic tuned mass damping

Tuned mass damping

Gyroscopes technology

Battery free

Light weight

Replacment gloves

Free Shipping and Returns



No need for screening

Requires screening

Requires screening


Very effective

I have just spent a month with the new Steadi-Two glove and I am delighted. It is light, very effective, easy to put on and take off and I could wear it for hours with no problem.
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Easy to use

Trying to coordinate a steady hand with an unsteady hand is really difficult. It requires you to think about how you are going to harmonize your hands. The Steadi-Two made this easier.
  • star-rated
  • star-rated
  • star-rated
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Fantastic device

The “Steadi-Two has really helped her. Anything that helps to reduce her tremor makes her feel better about herself, and that makes me feel better.
  • star-rated
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  • star-rated
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Feels Lovely

Oh wow, this is good! Very good. [The glove] feels lovely
  • star-rated
  • star-rated
  • star-rated
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  • star-rated

Good relief

When I put [the glove] on, I had a lot of good relief as far as being able to drink without spilling all over myself, and eat
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