How it Works– Steadiwear Inc

Ball Joint Damper 

Uses a “smart” fluid & a ball to counteract tremors. The smart fluid instantly stiffens to a near-solid in the presence of high speed movements from any level of tremors while allowing your natural & hand movements. The Steadi-One Glove uses Boa Dial Fit technology to make sure it fits as comfortably using two adjustable knobs to lock in maximum comfort & stability.

Tuned Mass Damper 

The same technology used in skyscrapers to protect them during earthquakes, the tuned mass damper is a counterweight that moves in the opposite direction of a tremor. This gives your hand increased stability.

BOA® Fit System

Dial in to fast, effortless, precision
fit. The BOA® Fit System is a dial based performance fit system designed for a micro-adjustable,
customizable fit to meet your needs
and save energy

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