About Steadiwear | Assistive Steadi-One Device to Reduce Essential Hand Tremors

How the Steadi-One came into being...

On a winter afternoon, our founder Mark was having coffee with his grandmother.

As she took her first sips, her essential hand tremor flared up. Her hands shook uncontrollably making her spill half the cup. Mark rushed to her aid but it was too late. She had burned her hands. Mark was shocked at how difficult daily activities could become with tremors which inspired him to begin his search..

Searching for answers

He decided to consult his aunt, a doctor who treats Essential Tremors.

She told him the only viable solutions were medications with side-effects, an invasive surgery, or Botox injections. The lack of effective choices was appalling. As an engineer, Mark began brainstorming for solutions, leading to the ideation the Steadi-One.

The Journey to Reduced Tremors Begins

A team forms as they venture to make the lives of everyone with tremors easier

As a team they joined the University of Toronto's renowned Impact Centre and have attended several support groups across Ontario with high hopes of improving the lives of anyone suffering from hand tremors and developing the solution needed & deserved.


Our Founding Team

Mark Elias

Mark Elias

CEO & Co-Founder

Mark Elias has a dual background in Structural Dynamics and Entrepreneurship. The founder is well versed in vibration damping and project management. Mark is leading research and development, manufacturing, clinical trials & launching the final product.


Emile Maamary

Emile Maamary

CMO & Co-Founder

Emile is a recent graduate with a Business degree from York University. Emile has experience with Deloitte – Enterprise Risk Services (ERS) department. He’s well versed in managing financial, strategic & operational risk to maximize enterprise value. Emile is leading market development, financial management & key stakeholder relationships management.

Our Advisory Board

Charles Plant

Serial Entrepreneur


Dr. Cynthia Goh

Director – Impact Centre

Patrick McCartney 

Director - International Essential Tremor Foundation

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