About Us– Steadiwear Inc

Our story 

It all started with a pair of burned hands and a man perfectly situated to solve this exact problem.

Co-founder & CEO Mark Elias was having coffee with his beloved grandmother, but when she went to take a drink, like so many people living with hand tremors, they flared up at the exact wrong moment and she ended up spilling hot coffee on herself. 

The bad news is that she scalded her hands.

The good news is that would be the last time she ever burned her hands because of her tremors.

That’s because Mark is an engineer and his aunt is a doctor who treats Essentials Tremors.

He was in the perfect position to come up with an effective answer to uncontrollable tremors that did not involve drugs, invasive surgery or botox injections. 

After he came up with the idea for the Steadi-One Glove, he teamed up with the University of Toronto’s Impact Centre to make this life-changing device a reality.

Now, Steadiwear has an entire advisory board behind it and their goal is to improve your life! 

Our Founding Team 

Mark Elias 

CEO & Co-Founder

Mark Elias has a dual background in Structural Dynamics and Entrepreneurship. The founder is well versed in vibration damping and project management. Mark is leading research and development, manufacturing, clinical trials & launching the final product.

Emile Maamary 

CMO & Co-Founder

Emile is a recent graduate with a Business degree from York University. Emile has experience with Deloitte – Enterprise Risk Services (ERS) department. He’s well versed in managing financial, strategic & operational risk to maximize enterprise value. Emile is leading market development, financial management & key stakeholder relationships management.

Our Advisory Board 

Charles Plant

Serial Entrepreneur

Dr. Cynthia Goh 

Director – Impact Centre

Patrick McCartney 

Director - International Essential Tremor Foundation

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