Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all your Steadi-One related questions - from how it works to our return policy

About Steadi-One

What is the Steadi-One? When will it be ready?

The Steadi-One is a lightweight, compact and responsive glove that adaptively stabilizes the wrist in Essential tremor and Parkinson’s Disease. Our novel, battery-free ball joint damper uses a smart material that was designed to resist tremors (>2hz) while allowing voluntary motion (<2Hz). It is combined with a tuned mass damper to stabilize forearm tremors, a technology typically used to stabilize high rise structures against earthquakes. Our system allows full range of motion while resisting multiple tremor directions that are proven to be the most common in Parkinson’s disease and Essential tremor.
The Steadi-One is also equipped with BOA knobs, the most sophisticated closure system in the world. We will be ready for pre-orders in Q4 2019.

What will I be receiving when I place an order?

You will be receiving a single unit glove made of 2 components:
1. The Steadi-one glove equipped with BOA knobs. The glove is made with COOLMAX® brand technology. Fabrics made with COOLMAX® brand technology can be tailored to meet the end user’s performance needs, and are certified to ensure class-leading performance regardless of supply source.
2. The Steadi-One Stabilizer unit. It is easily attachable/detachable using our custom harness.

Is the Steadi-One safe to use?

The stabilizing glove contains a small magnet . If you have a cardiac pacemaker or other implantable medical electronic device, follow your device’s directions for use regarding magnets. Please consult your healthcare provider prior to using the device.
Our product is classified as a class I medical device and has received a Medical Device Establishment License from Health Canada.

Is the Steadi-One right for me?

The Steadi-One is designed to work most effectively for people with tremors in the wrist and forearm.

How effective is the Steadi-One?

The Steadi-One has gone through rigorous lab and beta testing.
1. We have conducted very successful lab tests and have seen 80% reduction on a mechanical arm that simulates severe tremors.
2. We have conducted intensive beta testing with volunteers and have seen improvements in eating, writing and drinking.

How are assessments done for fitting? How do I know what size I am?

The Steadi-One comes in 3 sizes, Small , Medium and Large. A sizing chart is now available below for your review. If your device does not fit well, please return the glove component and we will replace it with your required size.

Using Steadi-One

How do I turn the Steadi-One on?

The device is battery-free and is activated upon sensing a tremor above 2Hz.

How do I wear the glove? How do I clean the Steadi-One?

Check out our youtube channel here to learn more on how to use the glove. (How to use the glove content is coming soon)

How do I store my Steadi-One when not in use?

The Steadi-One is quite durable but for longevity when the glove is not in use remove the Steadi-One carefully, store flat on a dry open surface.

NOTE: It is strongly discouraged to leave the Steadi-One in enclosed spaces where it maybe damp such as washrooms or kitchens. Keep out of reach of children.

How do I take care of my Steadi-One? Is it water-resistant?

The glove component of the Steadi-One is washing machine friendly only. Hang to dry. do not iron or use a dryer.  

Is the Steadi-One safe to travel with in other countries? International travel with your Steadi-One (any catches)?

The Steadi-One is safe for travel and is classified as a class I medical device by Health Canada & the FDA. This device will not require any special documentation.


Can I use my insurance policy to cover the cost of the Steadi-One?

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept insurance for purchases yet but we’re working on it.

What form of payment is accepted?

Accepted payments methods include AMEX, Visa, Mastercard & Paypal.

How do I purchase the Steadi-One?

The Steadi-One can be purchased online through our webstore. We currently ship to the USA and Canada. We do not directly ship to locations outside of the US and Canada, however the products may be shipped to certain locations through our authorized resellers. Please visit our International page for a list of authorized resellers.

Returns and Warranty

What is the return policy?

We provide a 30-day money back guarantee period. If you do not wish to resume using the glove after the 30 day trial period,  just send it back to us for a full refund. (Shipping not included)

What if I’m not sure if my Steadi-One has been damaged?

Feel free to ring us on our toll-free number and we can help!

What do i do if my Steadi-One becomes damaged?

If it is within the warranty period then just send it back to us and we can diagnose the issue and return a fixed unit. If the issue occurs outside the warranty period, we will still fix the damage however we would require that shipping and handling are covered by the customer. Prices would have to be based on the severity of the damage.

What kind of warranty does my Steadi-One come with?

The Steadi-One comes with a 1 year warranty period. The warranty does not cover liquid damage, force damage and damage due to misuse. If covered damage occurs outside the warranty period, we will require the unit to be sent to our main office and the service will be priced based on the severity of the damage. 

How often does my Steadi-One need to be replaced?

The glove component of the Steadi-One may need replacing every 6 months depending on frequency of use and washing.

How much does it cost to fix my Steadi-One?

Fixing a glove is free of charge under warranty. However, if the warranty period is exceeded, we guarantee that it will cost less that $259 USD but cannot give you an exact figure prior the product’s diagnosis.

Can I buy additional coverage / warranty for my Steadi-One?

Yes we provide additional warranty for  $64.99/year USD.

Shipping and Delivery

What if I need to cancel or modify my order?

Please contact us at info@steadiwear.com and we can accommodate your request as long as the order has not been shipped out yet. In the case that it has been shipped out, then we provide a 30-day money back guarantee so you might as well give it a try prior to its return within the 30 days.

Where do you ship?

We ship within Canada and internationally to the United States and Australia for now.

How much is shipping cost?

Shipping is free and included within the price of the unit.

How long does it take to ship?

5-7 days within the US, up to 2 weeks for shipping to all other locations.