Thomas Stellman

Thomas Stellman, 2022
Thomas Stellman, 2022

Meet Thomas Stellman- an IT technician from Northern California.

Thomas has suffered from hand tremors since he was just a young kid. Although, it wasn’t until he was in a college chemistry class in the late ‘70s that he realized his tremors were worsening and interfering with his ability to perform everyday tasks. Thomas vividly remembers one instance when he was trying to use a pipette to transport liquid from one container to the next — but his tremors had other plans! Thomas struggled to complete the task and recognized it may be time to start looking into his condition.

In his 50’s Thomas noticed his tremors progressing. He was having trouble mowing the lawn and maintaining a steady hand during meal times. His tremors began to interfere with his ability to carry out tasks at home and at work. He explained, “When I do something physical for a while I have to get rest before I can even work a computer mouse properly. I also just start shaking when I get nervous and especially when I’m stressed or if my blood sugar levels are off.” He noted that one thing that keeps him motivated and hopeful is to practice his spiritual connection.

Thomas began researching his condition and eventually met with a neurologist who diagnosed him with Essential tremor.


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Since receiving his diagnosis, Thomas has been searching for a solution to help relieve his tremors. However, he has been reluctant to try any medications or surgeries. He explained, “I have side effects to medications and I don’t like to take them unless I have to.” As it turns out, Thomas is in good company.

Many people with hand tremors are looking for a risk-free solution to combat their tremors. While sometimes helpful, medications and surgeries carry additional risks and side effects that can sometimes worsen a tremor, or cause other co-morbidities.

As such, Steadiwear has created the Steadi-Two — a lightweight, battery-free device designed to reduce hand tremors for people with Parkinson’s disease and Essential tremor. The Steadi-Two is a glove with two components — the glove and the stabilizer. The stabilizer includes a disc controlled by two magnets that work in equal and opposite directions to help stabilize a tremor.

The stabilizer is attached to the glove via a magnet, so it can be very easily attached and detached throughout the day. The glove is machine washable when detached from the stabilizer. The best part is — this solution is risk-free! Using the Steadi-Two will cause zero side effects. Steadiwear always recommends that users with pacemakers consult their physician or care provider prior to using the Steadi-Two.

Thomas explained that some of the toughest activities are those which require precise movements. He has had to give up some activities like painting and photography as a result. He said, “Simple things can be frustrating, like taking a picture with my cell phone. I have to press my arm against something solid or else the picture is very blurry.” Thankfully, the Steadi-Two can help with precision and aim. In fact, in lab tests, the Steadi-Two provided users with up to 80% of tremor relief!

Thomas is looking forward to receiving his Steadi-Two. He noted, “I am excited to discover all the new activities that I can do and discover how to make all of the old stuff easier to do.” The Steadiwear team shares in his excitement, and is looking forward to July 2022 when pre-ordered devices are scheduled for delivery!

If you would like to place an order for the Steadi-Two today, click here. Get back to the activities you love, with the Steadi-Two!

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Learn more about the Steadi-Two- a revolutionary glove designed to reduce hand tremors.

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  • Roland Swim

    Was my down payment approved ???

  • Roland swim

    I ordered and sent a downpayment for a Steadi Two in early spring 2022. When can I expect to hear regarding my order ? Thank you. Roland

  • Cliff

    Good to hear Thomas’s story, and that someone is happy. My wife is in a much worse condition than Thomas, but because she lives in UK instead of Canada or USA she can not purchase a Sreadyi Two. When are you going to give sufferers in the UK a chance of an improved life???

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