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Steadiwear Spotlight - Jan Abrams

Jan Abrams has been an active participant in Steadiwear’s Steadi-Two Early Adopter program. The Steadi-Two is an assistive device designed to reduce tremors for people with Parkinson’s disease and Essential tremor. Jan has found tremendous tremor relief while using the Steadi-Two. Here is her story:

For most preschoolers, a trip to the doctor’s office looks like a routine physical examination and an update on immunizations. But, for Jan, this was not the case.

Jan began noticing her tremors when she was just three years old. Her handwriting wasn’t neat, and she couldn’t seem to stay within the lines when she would colour. When she would visit the doctor, her shaky hands were always mentioned, but never seemed to be of concern. Jan shared, “back then, no one really knew about Essential tremor (ET). People who had shaky hands were said to have Palsy” — an umbrella term referring to various types of paralysis which are known to cause uncontrolled body movements.

Years later, Jan was diagnosed with ET — a neurological disorder that causes uncontrollable shaking of the hands, head, trunk, voice and other body parts. 

Like many other people who suffer from ET, Jan has used multiple medications to manage her tremor, including propranolol and primidone. After maxing out on both medications, she underwent deep brain stimulation (DBS) to relieve the tremor on her right hand.  While the medication and DBS provided Jan with years of temporary relief, she shared how the Steadi-Two provides her with added stability. She said, “trying to coordinate a steady hand with an unsteady hand is really difficult. It requires you to think about how you are going to harmonize your hands. The Steadi-Two made this easier.”

Jan compared the Steadi-Two to the COVID-19 vaccine, describing it as an “added layer of protection.” She said, “with respect to COVID, I can stay at home and wear a mask, but I did not feel fully protected until I received my vaccine.” Similarly, Jan explained how she found tremor relief in medications and DBS, but hadn’t truly felt functional until she began using the Steadi-Two. 

In her spare time, Jan enjoys playing musical instruments including the flute and piano. For much of her life, she was an active member of a community band and symphony choir, which she found pleasure in. Unfortunately, due to her tremors, Jan chose to leave the symphony choir. She was recognizing her tremors worsening and wanted to excuse herself before the conductor asked her to do so. Jan continues to be an active member of her church choir, and she practices playing her musical instruments in the comfort of her own home. Jan shared that being able to play the piano again like she could before her tremors worsened, was at the top of her wish list. With the help of the Steadi-Two, she hopes to turn this wish into a reality.


Learn more about the Steadi-Two- a revolutionary glove designed to reduce hand tremors.

Learn More

After the Steadi-Two Early Adopters Program, Jan returned her glove to allow the productions team to make changes prior to the official product launch. Jan shared a number of activities she is excited to get back to once her permanent Steadi-Two arrives. She said, “When I got my DBS, I was amazed by the number of things I had been struggling with that I never realized were problematic for me. I am excited to discover which tasks the Steadi-Two will make doable, or easier.” More specifically, Jan is excited to use the Steadi-Two while cooking, as she found a lot of tremor-relief when she used the Steadi-Two to peel fruits. 

When asked if she would recommend the Steadi-Two to other people struggling with a hand tremor, Jan answered, “absolutely.” Like many others, Jan’s DBS limits some of the assistive technologies that she is able to try. This is one of the many features that separate the Steadi-Two from other products on the market. 

The Steadi-Two can be used for people who have undergone DBS, and other brain surgeries. The Steadi-Two is the world’s first tremor stabilization device that uses advanced magnetic stabilization technology to reduce hand tremors. Additionally, the Steadi-Two is lightweight, non-intrusive, battery-free, and machine washable. Steadiwear has recently released the Steadi-Two Pre-Order Campaign, where you can reserve a unit for $99 USD and pay the rest upon delivery, on track for May 2022. If you would like to reserve your Steadi-Two today, click here.

Jan makes a conscious effort to educate her family, peers, and strangers about Essential tremor. The Steadiwear team is excited about the relief she has achieved with the Steadi-Two, and they can’t wait to hear about Jan’s successes with the Steadi-Two in the future. 

The Steadiwear team wants to extend a huge thank you to Jan, for sharing her story and inspiring others to do the same. 

If you would like to share your journey with Essential Tremor or Parkinson’s disease, we would love to hear from you! Please reach out to our team by email at info@steadiwear.com.


Learn more about the Steadi-Two- a revolutionary glove designed to reduce hand tremors.

Learn More


  • Linda Delaney

    I have ordered steadywear. I expect to receive it in May.

  • Pearl ZALON

    I already ordered Steadywear, and was wondering if it will be covered by Medicare?

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