Steadiwear Spotlight

  • Jane Gmeindl

    Jane Gmeindl
    Jane Gmeindl, 2022 Introducing Jane Gmeindl - one of Steadiwear’s valued customers! Jane recently had the opportunity to visit the Steadiwear lab t...
  • Thomas Stellman

    Thomas Stellman
    Thomas Stellman, 2022 Meet Thomas Stellman- an IT technician from Northern California. Thomas has suffered from hand tremors since he was just a y...
  • Howard Faulkner

    Howard Faulkner
    You may know Betty, a valued Steadiwear customer, and one of our Steadi-Two Early adopters. For over 50 years, Betty has been living with Essential...
  • Jan Abrams

    Jan Abrams
    Steadiwear Spotlight - Jan Abrams Jan Abrams has been an active participant in Steadiwear’s Steadi-Two Early Adopter program. The Steadi-Two is an ...
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