What Essential Oils Are Good for Parkinson's Disease?

What essential oils are good for people with Parkinson’s symptoms?

Essential Tremors Natural Remedy

Parkinson’s Syndrome may be hard to control or heal. Parkinson’s doctors have been working hard through the past years to invent and discover new treatments for parkinsonism and essential tremors. They try coming up with some support solutions and alternative treatments in addition to natural treatment and remedies available around, which includes vitamins and essential oils that could help reduce the effects of tremors. Being diagnosed with Parkinson’s syndrome creates anxiety and psychological disturbances for patients. Using essential oils, made from natural components, will ease the pain and effects of the patient having Parkinson’s symptoms, making it easier to endure the process. Every oil has its own effectivity due to the ingredients of the oil.

The Usages of Natural Essential Oils

Parkinson’s artificial medication could be useful. However, they might have some side effects and their benefits could not last long since chemical interactions stop when the reactants are consumed completely. Moreover, natural treatments and remedies can have magical results, since they are derived from natural materials. Essential tremors’ specialized doctors found that essential oils help refresh a person’s mental health, support their physical actions, heal some inconvenient problems like the loss of smell, control tremors including hand tremors, and promote restful sleep. Nonetheless, oil therapy is not a new discovery, it is an ancient practice to improve physical, psychological, and emotional well-being.

Oil Therapy for Parkinson’s Syndrome

Society has always used the process of extracting medical components from natural growing plants, to treat diseases and other medical conditions. This act is called Aromatherapy. It is a therapy used by ancient civilizations who believed in the power of nature and the efficiency of natural plants and herbs to heal a wide range of diseases and sicknesses. Each oil has its own properties to treat the mind and body. New discoveries clarified that oil therapy is only a complementary solution and we cannot count on it as a complete treatment for any kind of disease. Oil therapy is not regulated in some countries, since the oils might consist of several drug plants. Although these plants are harmless, a prescription from specialized official doctors is required to purchase them from pharmacies.

Aromatherapy for Parkinson’s Syndrome

Although Aromatherapy was not the perfect solution for a few diseases, some studies and research proved that they can make a mental impact on the body.

The stress that people with Parkinson’s suffer from continuous tremors will make huge tension and damage to the muscles and nerves connected to them. Moreover, oil therapy for Parkinson is useful due to the way used. The oils can be applied to reduce the tightness of muscles through the skin using massage or simple skin application, the substance penetrates the skin to reach the muscle tissue, through inhalation, the process of boiling some herbs in water or specific liquids. Even if these are old techniques, you cannot do them on your own, you should always consult a doctor before using these techniques to avoid misusing them. Some herbal medicines could also react badly with other medicines used to treat Parkinson’s. Nevertheless, some techniques could be unsuitable for the patients, thus, asking a doctor is a must and the caregiver or patient should be aware of using complementary treatments.

Best Oils Used to Reduce Essential Tremors

There is a wide spectrum of oils that help reduce the symptoms of essential tremors. Opinions might differ between people since doctors in TremorMiracle think that oils are not 100% efficient. However, they decided to gather oils that can make the people with Parkinson’s Syndrome feel better and help them with the essential tremor issue.
Frankincense Essential Oil: This oil can be used to calm the nerves and relieve depression, once taken, it will act like a nervous system stimulant that can sober the nervous stressing.
Vetiver Oil: You can use Vetiver Oil instead of Frankincense oil since it does mostly the same work. Don’t hesitate to bring this one if you couldn’t find frankincense oil around.
Arnica Oil: It is a combination of marjoram and rosemary that help reduce inflammation and muscle spasm. Use the Arnica Oil by mixing it with water and sipping it three times daily, this should lead to promising results
Lemon and Orange Essential oils: It is commonly known how important the oranges and lemons are. They provide the body with energy and help to improve the mobility of their muscles.
Helichrysum Oil: essential tremors are linked to the brain directly, so Helichrysum oil lowers the level of brain inflammation.
Cinnamon Oil: This oil is used by diabetes patients, it shows great efficiency in treating diabetes and diabetes symptoms, also for essential tremors.


These are not the only oils that can be used, there are a lot of oils that help relax your body like Jasmine oil, chamomile oil, Ylang-Ylang oil, oregano oil … etc. You should be aware if you are allergic to some essential oils. A small number of people may experience irritation or allergic reactions to certain essential oils. You’re more likely to have a bad reaction if you have atopic dermatitis or a history of reactions to topical products.

When to Use Alternative Treatments

Parkinson’s doctors and specialists recommend going through a medical treatment first, supervised by professional specialized doctors, to identify the whole situation. Then, the latter might suggest natural remedies, not as the main solution but a complementary one. We can support people with Parkinson’s and essential tremor to make them feel better in many ways, most importantly emotionally, which is a great factor to bring them peace of mind and reduce the symptoms of the tremors. Moreover, we can provide the care and remove the stress by applying oil massages.


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Tips When Purchasing the Essential Oils

It is really important to consider several factors before shopping for essential oils. Numerous companies claim their essential oils are “therapeutic grade,” and that they are only for marketing purposes. Thus, people tend to purchase essential oils online, from companies, rarely known stores, or even directly from people who work in the oil industry. However, in the following paragraph, you’ll find tips that should help you get the best quality of oil that will yield promising results.

● Take a look at the label, it should mention the pure Latin name of the plant or other ingredients added to it, if it existed, and the country where the plant was grown in.
● Always try to purchase the oils that are stored in dark colored glass containers, since pure essential oils are highly concentrated. Plastic bottles can be dissolved over time; thus, most good companies package them in dark-colored durable containers to maintain the quality.
● Avoid “fragrance oils,” these perfume oils are made of essential oils combined with chemicals, or are entirely made from chemicals, which is not good for aromatherapy. Instead look for bottles with 100% essential oils with no other fillers.
● Compare the prices of the essential oils, it is obvious that the prices vary depending on the harvesting and production process implemented when making these items. However, rose absolute or sandalwood oils are more expensive, while sweet orange oils are on the less expensive end. Be aware of expensive oils if they are exhibited at low prices.


Aromatherapy is a highly recommended natural treatment for Parkinson’s syndrome and essential tremors, because essential oils can lift your mood and make you feel good with just a whiff of their fragrance. We should take care of our beloved ones by giving them all the attention, mental security, and acceptance we can provide. People with Parkinson’s are going through tough times, and as we strive to find solutions from looking for oils, massages, and inhaling sessions, we are doing our part in the community and spreading awareness and love.

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    I have been using essential oils prime number of years now under the guidance of my sister-in-law who is a licensed aroma therapist and I appreciate that you have given guidance on how to use essential oils along with how each works with the condition you are treating thank you. I am looking forward to putting this info to work for my newly diagnosed girlfriend as soon as she clears it with her dr. Deea

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