Book Review of Essential Tremors: The Hand I Was Dealt by Steven & Greg Northover

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This is our first book review with Steadiwear and we couldn't be happier about it!
The Hand I Was Dealt

The book is well written by Greg and Steven Northover of Always Heading North. The story is about Greg who is dealing with weakening his levels of essential tremors for more than fifteen years.

What are the Essential Tremors? Essential tremor (ET) is a general movement disorder that many people suffer. ET is a progressive and neurological disease. Tremors mostly happen in patients’ hands or arms. It is an involuntary movement such as shaking or trembling of the affected body part.

 ET is the disease that usually begins gradually. So, people might not notice whether they have the essential tremors or not. It is easy for people to ignore those minimal tremors and interpret as not important situation. However, one day you might feel anxious because of extreme symptoms like severe shake that makes you have a hard time drinking water or writing anything yourself. Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure for this disease now. Thus, it is important to find a way to deal with ET.


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This book is perfect for individuals who currently or may potentially deal with the Essential Tremors. Individuals who live with those patients or people who are interested in ET would also find this book helpful. This book feels rather like a storytelling book than just an informative book, which makes it unique. The main story is about Greg and Sue. Since Greg trembles so badly, he needs help from others for most of his daily activities. And Sue is his wife who helps Greg. 

In the book, he tells a story about the experience when essential tremor robbed his ability to hold a job. Furthermore, it even took his ability to fish which is one of his great joy in his life. However, the story did not end just there because he did not stop there. Even though those extreme shaking and trembling continued for Greg and he could not do many activities that he used to. He found new ways to live and adventurous activities that he could do.

By reading this book, you can see how Essential Tremor is like and it is a disease that we can handle by accepting and enjoying the difference. You can purchase the book by clicking here or join Steven & Greg's Facebook Group here.

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  • Lois Pozsar

    I suffer from ET and cervical dystonia. I find it devastating and extremely depressing. I pray everyday for a miracle. My life has changed drastically. I cannot believe medical science cannot provide a pill to help us. This is so heartbreaking and isolating. They don’t talk about it on TV or help us
    Any recommendations, please email me. I’m so lonely, I cry almost everyday. God bless.

  • Sherry Tallent

    I’m looking forward to reading your take on ETs. I’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s since 2016. However the tremors are in my left side from feet to knee. It’s crazy and driving me insane. I’m very medication sensitive as most meds I can’t take unless I want to go into a serotonin syndrome! I’m looking for alternatives
    Thanks. Sherry Tallent

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