Get back to the activities you love with steady hands & control!

The Steadi-Two: A Revolutionary Glove Designed To Reduce Your Hand Tremors

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The Best Treatment for Essential Tremor

Stabilizes your wrist

Steadi-Two stabilizes your wrist and reduces your tremor amplitude, providing instant relief from hand shaking.

Instant Relief

Increase your independence with steady hands. Steadi-Two - the essential tremor device that will improve your life quality.


This non-invasive glove essential tremor offers a safe and effective solution, with no side effects or incisions to worry about.


Steadi-Two is battery-free and powered by your own hand movements. Wear it anytime for steady hands and relief from hand shaking

Improved Quality of Life

The Steadi-Two glove is not just a medical device; it's a life-changer. Hand tremors can be a significant barrier to daily activities, from holding a cup of coffee to writing a note. With the Steadi-Two glove, users can regain the joy of simple tasks and get back to the activities they love. The glove's innovative design and proven technology offer instant relief from shaky hands, allowing users to live a more fulfilling and active life.

Our users have shared their experiences with Steadi-Two, highlighting its effectiveness, ease of use, and the significant relief it brings to their lives.


I have just spent a month with the new Steadi-Two glove and I am delighted. It is loght, very effective, easyy to put on and take off and I could wear it for hours with no problem.


The Ultimate Non-Invasive Solution for Essential Tremor

Bid farewell to shaky hands with Steadi-Two, a ground-breaking solution that significantly reduces tremor amplitude. It stabilizes your wrist, providing instant relief and increasing your independence. This non-invasive, side-effect-free solution is powered by your own hand movements, making it a battery-free device that you can wear anytime for steady hands.

Steadi-Two Features

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Managing Essential Tremor with Lifestyle Changes and Steadi-Two

Living with essential tremors is challenging, but with tailored lifestyle changes and the Steadi-Two glove, you can effectively manage symptoms and elevate your quality of life.